REEBOW TACTICAL GEAR 115 Piece First Aid Kit Medical Supply Survival Gear Bag for Car Home Office Outdoor Camping Hiking Travel Sports Earthquake Emergency Kits …

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Safety has no price tag !


Make sure you have a First Aid Kit at your fingertips in case of unexpected situations!Life is unpredictable.

How about the first aid kit?

1. Complete First Aid Kit,small and portable, easy to store and carry in home, office, cars and backpack for earthquake survival travel sports kayaking hiking camping emergency etc

2. A durable and lightweight bag that doesn't break apart.

What you'll find inside of bag:

Antiseptc towelette(6pcs), Alcohol pad(10pcs), Butterfly closure strips(10pcs), Extra large adhesive bandage(4 pcs), Standard adhesive bandage(25pcs),

Knuckle bandage(4pcs), Fingertip bandage(8pcs), Gauze pad(3pcs); Disposable cold compress(1pc), Cotton pitter tipped opplicator(20pcs),

Abdominal pad(1pc), Disposable gloves(2pcs), Slim rescue howler whistle(1pc), Compass(1pc), Moleskin blister relief pad (1pc), Triangalar bandage (1pc),

Emergency blanket(1pc), light stick(1pc), Dispoable raincoat(1pc), Scissors(1pc), conforming bandage(1pc), CPR face mask(1pc),

Metal tweezers (1pc), Eye pad(2pcs), Elbow/knee bandage(2pcs), safety pin(4pcs), string relief pad(2pcs)

Bag Size:W7.5"x H5.1"x D2" <br> Get your First Aid Kit delivered to your door by clicking the "Add to cart" button now.

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